Thursday, 10 September 2009

Looking for the place

it's difficult to find the right place for my project. Time passes by, seasons change the landscape and the color of the trees in a way I cannot predict.
But this is part of the work too. Playing with the freedom of the pace and with the freedom of the people I involved in this project.

I want to take a picture everyday in a place where Momiji will come out.

I'm considering to ask the monks of one temple I really like if I can go to the temple everyday just for 10 minutes and then go away FOR FREE! I can't afford it to pay 600 yen everyday for 4 months.

Let's see

for now I really like Eikando temple, of Kibune shrine. But I'm kind of considering also Ninose station...
we wil see what I can do

Tomorrow I will cycle around. I don't have much time left. I need to hurry up. I know leaves are gonna be ready in Autumn but I want to start my project late this month with the Autumn equinoce.

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