Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The fourth leaf: mum and dad

My parents.
That's a big massive chapter in the story of my life.
For several reasons: first of all because thanks to them and their love for each other I'm here (and what I'm saying it is not banal at all). Secondly because I lived with them for many years (very italian style) and they taught me a lot.

I'm very lucky. They always supported all my crazy things, ideas and projects, especially in the past 4 years.

But also when I got angry because my mum didn't bring me to school as she wanted to take me to the park instead and play with the snow (how idiot I was?!); or when I was crying because I couldn't draw the stupid perspective and my dad spent hours trying to teach me; or when I decided to work in a farm in Scotland for months or go to art school or travel in India for half a year, or when I really wanted to learn how to cycle and I asked my mum at the age of 4 or something like that to wake me up every morning early to practice on my own in the wee garden at the back of the building.

and now they are collecting leaves for me

"so..now me and dad go for a walk and together look for leaves for you. Dad is more interested in shape than color..."

I love that.

I love the idea of my parents walking together, having a chat about me and looking down for leaves and signs of Autumn.

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