Sunday, 1 November 2009

Getting known by the neighbourood: a step further

The other day I was trying to set the camera in the right position on my wobbely super cheap tripod, when an old man came with a big smile and said "good picture?"

Well, I said, I hope so.

"ok you come with me, the owner is my friend, you take beautiful pictures inside please!"

So, the guy took my tripod and my bags and started walking in the tea house. Because, yes, it's a traditional tea house the place I'm taking pictures of.

I get through the wooden gate and an incredible world welcomes me. All of a sudden the noise of the streets, with its cars and big trucks and bikes and people walking and talking, stops. And the soft sound of the water flowing in a wee river underneath the path starts tickling my ears.

So beautiful. So peaceful.

That man gave me a little pearl.

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