Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The 22nd Leaf: Lenka, Glasgow

I don't remember if it was raining when I met Lenka, because it happened when we were both under a roof (in the flat we would have shared for one year), and not in the street where I usually meet the most interesting people ever.

Nonetheless Lenka prooved to be something even more than interesting: a real friend, I'd even say a sister.

We spent so many hours talking...or maybe me talking 80% her listening 80% (the remaining 20% for me is listening while eating; the remaining20% for her is talking while cooking)...she cuddled me, made my hair, baked a cake for my birthday, laughed at all my stupid stories and even did proofreading for my homeworks.

She sent me the most amazing letter ever that I can't show on internet as I dont want to be banned by the chinese servers, with a beautiful leaf. It looks like a heart and it's got my name on it!

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