Monday, 14 September 2009

Locations, locations, locations

I've been wandering everywhere in order to find the right spot for my momiji project. I need to take a picture everyday. I'm always free in the morning as classes usually start at 1pm. So I need a place facing the sunrise with a nice momiji plant an space for the tripod.

I went in may places, in the mountains, around uni, down the road, in front of the dorms...but one place is the one I really love. I just need to check tomorrow morning early whether the light is good there in the morning or not.I like this one: the shape of the tree, it's bending down and entangling with other trees and different blends of green now and maybe red later makes my love it!

I asked around and a french guy studying Environmental Studies here asked his tutors about Maple tree (momiji) in the area. Apparently nearby there's a forest for reasearch purposes where many momiji are studied. But I need to get authorization in order to get in there everyday. Maybe I'll manage. It would be nice to try different locations.

Other places are nott too bad but I'm not convinced by the plant in itself or by its location in relation with the sun.

The one below is very pretty but it is in a cemetery and I dont feel like disturbing here with my tripod and my camera everyday, even though for 10 minutes

the one below is ok but my belly is saying "I dont' like it"...after all you need to love your project, don't u?

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