Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The first day, the first leaf! Paolo

Today I officially started my project...well, I did the research for THE place in the last 2 weeks and I sent the collaboration letter to all my friends and family...but today I started going to the location I chose and took pictures. Every morning I will took a picture there.

I love the idea of starting a daily routine that is gonna last months and wait wait wait for the final result. It's definetely an art project based on WAITING. No immediate results. Not much control on it. Routine and freedom will be entwining.

I do love the idea that my routine maybe will meet someone else's routine thus creating a connection between me and who "live" that place everyday. But if this will happen, it will by chance.

And I do love being not too much in control but floating in a sea of chance and freedom. Freedom of the events and of the people who will take part in the project.

In fact a very nice coincidence happened today:
The first leaf from a friend arrived just today, when I started the project!

So a very first day today.

The first LEAF is from LONDON. The friend who sent it to me used it for an art project some time ago. That's such a cool and meaningful exchange.
Thank you!

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