Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Second Leaf is from Milan. Alessia's Autumn

Alessia is one of my "oldest" friends ever. I think I spent more time with her during high School than with my family in all my life.
Many people tell me that the High School time is one of the worst period of their life while for me it's been I think the best one. Because of all the troubles and joys, the great mix of emotions that you can only get when you are growing up. When you still don't know who you are, when you are trying to be unique and at the same time not too different from all your friends.
(Well, I still don't know exactly who I am, because we all change, life is a process I think...but at least I kinda know what I want to be, what I don't want to be...oh God this is complicated....)

I loved going to school and then spend the afternoon with my friends or on my books, studying wierd things like ancient greek and human biology on the same day, or drinking Amaro Montenegro till I'd get drunk, and then waking up in the morning with people around me still drinking spirits and smelling like burnt sigarettes. And thinking "yeah we are so cool", while actually we were just kids who pined for being adults.

I loved crying because the guy I liked didn't even notice me the night before at the party of that girls I couldn't stand, and I loved the thrill before the exams and the giggles while the teacher was explaining Eraclito and going to the bar downstairs and playing guitar in the afternoon.

Alessia is the one who did all this with me but she is also the one who did not fade away with all the books and memories and people from high school. She is still with me.

She sent me this leaf, the stereotypical autumnal red-orange leaf as she called it.
Hehe! I love this colour. And stereotypes are such interesting things...

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