Monday, 19 October 2009

The 14th Leaf: Sarah

In 2006 I decided I should learn english and went to Scotland for that...

I wanted to apply for a Psychotherapy school in Milan that requires the knowledge of English as in third year some people from abroad would come and teach.

So, I went to Dundee and worked in a farm for a few months.

I learnt Scottish.
I buried sheep.
I planted snowdrops.
I fell in love.
I cried.
I went to yoga class.
I got drunk in the park with Lambrini and Buckfast.
I pierced my ears.
I travelled around.
I saw deers.
I went to the Ocean.

And i decided I would go back and live there.

So, that's where I live now, well apart from this break in Japan.

It was in this crazy scottish summer, the best in ages, when it rained only 3 days in total or something like that, that I met Sarah. She was working with me. She watched Italy winning the World Cup with me. And she danced with me in the garden and baked amazing cakes and bread for everybody.

Now she is in China, in a place called the Eternal Spring. Well, she said it's kinda difficult to find an autumnla leaf there. But as autumn means "chestnuts, persimmons, roasted squash and the smell of wood fired ovens" she managed to find a leaf of chestnut and a bamboo leaf too as "together they paint the city with autumn spirit".

I like that.

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