Monday, 19 October 2009

The 13th Leaf: Roman

It was almost Summer when I met Roman in Kalpa.
He was sitting at the terrazza, making Mala for his friends and looking at the beautiful mountains of Kinnaur.

We were in Himachal Pradesh. He was at the end of his journey and I was right in the middle of mine, ready to go to Spiti and then Ladakh. I didn't know Roman, but we felt like we had known each other for long time and then ended up getting drunk together in a local inn drinking the kinnaur plum wine...yes I think it was plum wine.
It's so interesting that in many places in Asia alcohol is made by plums and fruit like apricots while I've always been used to drink stuff made with grape, I mean wine. In Japan too, they use plum. In fact Umeshu (alcol made with plums) is very popular here.

So, going back to Roman, he left soon and I left too. He went back to Israel where he lives now and I went on with my travelling.

We haven't seen since then

But now I have one leaf from his autumn: a FIG LEAF.

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