Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The 16th Leaf: Fabio

I met Fabio in a funny way. Well, actually all the most interesting people I met in my life are the ones I met in a wierd way. A very random way!

Many of my best friends are people I met on the street.

Or on the plane

Or in strange it happened with Fabio.
I was living in Edinburgh and it was really hard time for me. Many things went wrong and I didn't have enough money to live there. So I looked for different jobs. But my english wasn't good enough and being an immigrant in general is not an easy thing job-wise. Eventually I managed to find a job in a night club in the city center. I was doing anything: preparing cocktail, pouring beer (very badly hey!), cleaning, glass collecting and so on. One night some guys came to the bar and in one second I recognized the italian accent. We talked a bit and then they went away.

after a few weeks I was checking Gumtree to see if I could find free shiatsu massage somewhere as my back was so sore.

I was looking for someone I could trust and I bumped into a message from a guy whose name sounded kinda italian. I thought I could talk with him easier than with a scottish guy. I wrote to him, we took an appointment, I went to his house, knocked at the door, looked at this "?" person and !!! we met before! where? ah yes, in the club, ah yes you were in that group of guys, no! you do shiatsu? yes i like it ...

well i talked so much that night that at the end we ended up having dinner together and becoming friends.
He cooked for me amazing things,he helped me many times, we spent very nice evenings together.

A good friend indeed.

The last time we had the best pizza ever in Edinburgh.

Shiatsu next time (?)

His leaf is from the Meadows, a nice park in Edinburgh. I spend very nice evenings and days there.

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