Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The 17th Leaf: German

I was in Ladakh when I met German. Well, WE were in Ladakh when WE met.

A meeting is not something that happened to ONE person.

People meet because they share a place and a moment. By chance maybe. Sometimes on purpose.
It was by chance between me and German. A friend of mine met him earlier in Nepal and then by chance we happened to be the three of us in the same place in the same moment. This is German, please to meet you, Silvia.

One night we met again, this time because we planned it and he showed us the pictures he took in his travelling. We were sitting in the garden of a nice and peaceful guesthouse in Leh. We ended up talking about many things and sharing experiences and impressions of memories of India.

And we are still doing that.

Actually he is chatting with me now.

He sent me beautiful leaves from Switzerland where he is living at the moment. But not only that. Also warm words and pictures of the amazing land where we met. His prints are so delicate and rich of dreams.

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