Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The 18th Leaf: Fabio

I met Fabio on the plane to Milan.

I was bored and sad and I wanted to talk with someone. I'm a very talkative person. Unfortunaley or luckily? I still don't know, I guess it depends on many things...

Anyway, I started talking with him, while I was going back to Italy. I did really need to talk with someon and he cheered me up.

We met again.

In Glasgow this time.

We spent one night talking till dawn. He bought me oranges. I was so ill that night. I came back home at 6 am I think. I don't remember.

on that night I recorded a bird singing because decepted by the artificial light of the city.

I remember. Do you remember?
That night was so surreal, many sounds, many words, many thoughts. Incredible how much you can share with someone you met only once.

his leaf is from a street in Genove. Both its sides are made by trees that are now changing their colors. This is his autumn.
I have to see this street, and his Genova

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