Friday, 16 October 2009

The 10th Leaf: Alexandra

I met Alexandra so long ago by now. And it's funny because we physically met a few times while I feel like I spent with her so much time, actually doing things together.

This is one of the situations in which I realize how internet is an actual "place". So untouchable and so real at the same time. A place where you can keep watering the plant of friendship if you want to.
Strange, wierd, odd maybe. But that's the way it is. At least for me.

So, me and Alex keep meeting on internet and miss each other in the "real" (is it more real, then????) world. In India, in France, in Italy. Everywhere. But Skype or Gmail are the place where we still manage to meet. A place-no-place, with its own time-no-time.

With my project I'm exploring a different connection. A connection where place and time are place-here and place-there, time-here and time-there. Actual place and actual time of/for waiting-expecting-thinking of the Other.

Alexandra is an artist based in France. This is the LINK to some of her work.

Grazie Alex!

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