Friday, 16 October 2009

The 11th Leaf: Angus

Angus was one of my students of the italian language class in Glasgow this year.
He loves languages and he gave me really hard times as he was speaking French instead of Italian all the time!!! (I'm joking Angus!).

I was so happy to receive his leaf and his lovely letter about his new life in England.

He also sent me a postcard with a picture of the church he sees from his window

He sent me the letter the day he started the italian class in Yorkshire and the leaf he chose for me is from the outdoor sculpture trail of the Burton Agnes Hall. He thought that a leaf from an art gallery "would be very appropriate" for my project.

And it is indeed, Angus.

I love how eveybody sent me not just a leaf but a "little piece" of their "story" and life. Well, life is a story that we tell to ourselves and to everybody, I think.

this is the leaf:

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