Sunday, 22 November 2009

The 20th leaf: Luca, from Glasgow

I was outside the school where i used to teach italian in Glasgow, talking with one of my students, when this guy with a hoodie asked us some help. He was looking for a flat and I was really late for a dinner party.
Of course we didnt know where that street he was asking about was and of course (again) it started raining cats and dogs.
Of course, I say, because nobody never knows directions when they are asked and because in Scotland there are 2 seasons: winter and July and in Glasgow it always, or almost always, rains.

He was italian too.
Not so strange though, as italians are everywhere.

He changed my life, a lot.

I don't know why but I keep meeting important people on the streets of glasgow.

His leaf is the first one he found on the streets when I asked him a leaf. He is a very cheeky guy, I have to say.

the leaf in the leaf....

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