Sunday, 22 November 2009

The 21st Leaf: Dylan, form Australia

Dylan is a beautiful gift that Nepal gave me.
I met him in a nice garden at the back of a guest house in Kathmandu more than one year ago by now.
We kept meeting each other in so many places and after long periods of time. Even in delhi we managed to meet by chance.
He's been an amazing friend and even took my big italian ass up and down the himalayan mountains on his motorbike. Poor thing: "she" almost died!
We flew over the top of amazing mountains that I would have never ever imagined they could exist, and we touched the soft sand of the white desert in Nubra Valley, cooked weird vegetables in a wee pot that we brought with us and look at the most incredible and shining stars I've ever seen.

He is back in Australia now. He sent me many leaves wrapped in a smiling yellow tissue paper together with a drawing and a letter. One of the leaves is from a magnolia tree. I love this kind of tree, its leaves, its flowers and the smell they have.

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