Friday, 18 December 2009

The 26th Leaf: Thommy from Edinburgh

I don't exactly remember the very first moment I saw Thommy, but I remember it was in Gagie at the castle where I was WWOOFing in summer 2006.
It's so amazing that it's been already more than 3 years since Scotland became a sort of second home for me and I danced with Thommy in a club in Dundee.
Thommy is my scottish mum's daughter. Aye, I have a scottish mum of course. She looked after me and taught me many things while I was working for her in the castle. While her daughters looked after me in Edinburgh where I spent I think the hottest summer Scotland ever had in ages. I went back the following year thinking it would be pretty the same...and indeed I was wrong.... Thommy is an amazing cook and a really sweet person. When I think of her the first things coming up are golden curly hair, honest smile, the color blue and pheasants.

these are her leaves from the Meadows

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