Saturday, 19 December 2009

The 27th Leaf, James from California

The train was full of people and really smelly. It was hot, and it was May I think, or end of April, on a train in India, when and where I met James. He made me smile and talked to me for the whole journey till Nepal. He offered me food, music and good feelings.
India is strange. It's so big but you keep meeting the same people everywhere you go or anyway you know that sooner or later you will bump into someone you like or you don't like again.
Well, after months I met James again, in Delhi this time. He was at the end of his adventure, while I was at the beginning of a new one, this time really on my own. He was going back home and I was going to the Himachal Pradesh and then Kinnaur and Spiti.
We had the weirdest dinner ever, in a mexican restaurant in new delhi with indians dressed up with weird clothes, american music in the background and loads of beer.
That was definetely a fun night. We haven't seen since then. But now I can see his autumn

just one last thing. Life is really really really strange. And Random I have to say. I was publishin this post and the radio (in Japan) started to play an indian song "Mundian to Bach Ke Punjabi". Synchronicities....

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