Sunday, 27 December 2009

What we shared so far

So far I got many leaves from many friends from many different places in the world.
I didn't receive just leaves though, I received also letters, poems, stories, memories from childhood, words of encouragement, pictures, drawings, postcards and even some parmisan cheese from US
(I have to say that was the funniest thing ever: an italian cheese imported to US and then sent to Japan!).

The Momiji Project has been a beautiful experience and keeps giving me new stimuli. Everytime I looked at the leaves lying so fragile in my hands, I looked also at the friends who sent them to me.
There is something magical in a letter, in reading words written by hand on a page of a notebook, or on a postcard or behind a picture or on a fine letter paper, in touching the creases, in opening... creeeeaaaak....the envelope, in thinking of someone sitting at the table or standing in the post office and writing writing writing for you. And there is something magical in waiting for a letter and of course in sending one back.
I sent to everyone a card with a momiji leaf.

I hope you all received my autumn and my words

At the moment I'm working on the pictures of the momiji tree that I've been taking (almost) everyday since september. I'm preparing a video. More info later on!

Thank you all!

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