Sunday, 20 December 2009

The 28th Leaf: Florent from Francoville in France

One year ago just after Xmas Florent and I were dragging a Xmas tree abandoned in Argyle Street, in Glasgow, all the way to Florent's flat.
I really wanted a xmas tree and Florent helped me in my weird plan. I think it was the 28th or something like that. The flat started smelling amazingly...fresh pinetree! of course twas quite difficult to find balls and all that sort of stuff that usually people put on such trees as xmas was already gone and people were "marketingly" thinking in terms of new year's eve.
But we made it and in one afternoon we tree was done and beautiful.
And this is Florent's autumn in a winter night

It's a leaf from Champs ElyseƩs, a memory of "Autumn's Leaves" a jazz song that Florent used to play with his dad.

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