Friday, 16 October 2009

The 12th Leaf: Izumi

Izumi is a Japanese artist who fell in love with Italy so much that she decided to love an italian man as well and have EVEN babies with him.

And I can understand why... Italy, well, Italy is my Country, I love it. Great food, great weather, great cities. No job though. And bad bad politics. And I would add too much selfishness.
But what to do: nothing is perfect! and imperfection can (I repeat it: CAN) lead to perfection. While perfection is just stasis, death. Isn't it?

I met Izumi long long long time ago in Piacenza at a party. I loved her from the first second. And from the first second I knew she would stay in Italy for long time.

Now she is expecting a baby, Nami, which means Wave in Japanese. I saw her belly a couple of weeks ago and it's growing fast!
I wish you the best, Izumi.

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